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Mango Sooji Halwa Recipe| Mango Kesari Dessert

Mango Sooji Halwa Recipe| Mango Kesari Dessert
It is the mango season in India, and who doesn’t love to enjoy a mouthful of fresh mangoes? But when nature sends her boons in abundance, we think of other interesting ways to enjoy this seasonal fruit. I have been a foodie all my life, and thought of sharing my food specialties with people around the world.
This is my first attempt and I am still learning the do’s and don’ts of food video making and photography. So, do check out the video and let me k now on ways to improve it. After all the saying goes, practice until you perfect it.But trust me, this recipe is easy, and truly a lip licking recipe that even beginners can try their hand on.
What is Kesari?It is a dessert made of broken wheat that you get in Indian stores. Usually Rava or Sooji- Broken what powder forms to be one of the important recipes for breakfast. Sooji is also used as a base while making Indian desserts and we have plain kesari, and even fruity variety kesari.
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