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#Metoo: Abuse, porn, and Feminism

#Metoo: Abuse, porn, and Feminism
#Metoo: Abuse, porn, and feminism
A sniff of the fresh air, a smile from my newspaper boy, kids waving their sweet byes to me and the friendly lady at the grocery store....are what sets off a typical day in my life.
This has been a part of my life for over years, and somehow when I don't see the usual loving people around- I cast a look around. 
Thats when I realize that they have become a part of my life unknowingly.
There are those days that thoughts linger around in your my head.
That Day
I thought I should share my experience with you, because it hurts whenever I think or hear about it more often.
The incident happened few years back, but still those bad memories lurk into my life.  
On a cold rainy day, I went off to the grocery to buy a few fresh veggies. You see, this is a farmer's market, they come in some of the most organic and tastiest veggies I have seen around in my locality. 
But you reach there earlier, you get better stuff. So, I…

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